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Would you like to reduce the time you take arranging shift work by up to 80%?

Would it help if you had staff rostering software that would allow you to

big_ben rostering program

Download for FREE a limited shift version to Install on your own computer and evaluate with your own data.

  • The software program at this web site is for the creation of shifts for employees. Some people call this a roster, some a rota, and others call it a schedule.
  • If you use the term 'schedule', then look at our related web site, AceShift. Stay here if you are looking for rostering software or rota software.
  • RosterNet is a staff rostering software program that you can Download and Install on a computer that is under your own control. This ensures your business continuity. You do not need another business to depend on.
  • It is web based, but you do NOT need a web site to use it. Install it on your laptop if you wish.
  • You can trial the downloaded version by adding any number of entries, except that you only add 20 shifts from midnight each morning until you pay for a code to remove this restriction.
  • Allows automatic rostering based on award rules.
  • You can synchronize emailed shifts with your iCalendar.

RosterNet is staff rostering software (or staff rostering program) is applicable to online shift management in areas such as:

Aged Persons Hostels
Call Centres
Retail stores
Home care (eg, attendant caring, home nursing)
Social Clubs

Buy once and own. No monthly costs. Just use a browser like Internet Explorer.

RosterNet may be installed on a single computer, an office LAN, a VPN or a cloud based Internet hosting service.

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